Auto Transport Companies Transportation

If you want to transport your vehicle from point A to a distant point B without driving it, you’ve actually got not only two, but three options. You can ask a truck driver to do the hauling for you, pay for the services of a moving company, or ask an auto transport company to do the job. If you want nothing but professional auto transport service, then you should go with the third option.

There are two general types of auto transport companies: auto transport brokers and auto transport carriers. Brokers, in essence, are middlemen who may arrange transportation services for your vehicle by finding auto transport carriers who can perform the job. The carriers, on the other hand, are those companies who have the actual facilities to transport your vehicle.

If you choose to deal with a broker, it’s a good idea to first personally check on the auto transport company that the broker uses before signing any contract, just to make sure it is legitimate. You can do this by just searching for the company’s records from the Federal Government’s website, from the Better Business Bureau website, or from your local Chamber of Commerce. By checking these records, you can determine not only the legitimacy of the transporter, but also see whether they do a good job or not.

After choosing the auto transport company, you should decide on the price, method of payment, terms of the contract, and the extent of shipping insurance coverage. It is very important to ask about the company’s insurance policy. Most companies will insure your vehicle against damage and theft during its transit, but some may have limited or specialized coverage.

The price of an auto transportation depends on a several things, like the distance between the actual origin and destination location, the departure date, the type of vehicle/ vehicles to be carried, the type of transport service you prefer, and whether you will be utilizing special services or not. Once this price is determined and everything else has been settled (including the contract), the company may ask you to pay a deposit of up to 10 percent to 25 percent of the total cost. You have to pay the rest on delivery.